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 Mai Luu, Nidoqueen

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Mai Luu

Mai Luu

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PostSubject: Mai Luu, Nidoqueen   Wed Feb 15, 2012 2:00 pm

Name: Mai Luu
Specie: Nidoqueen
Gender: female
Age: 24

Appearance: Mai is a bit stocky, well-built and tough. She has almond-shaped black eyes, dark skin, and large, poisonous spines running down her back. Her hair is short-cut and often messy. When it is warm out, she prefers to wear as little clothes as possible - her most common outfit is a yellow bikini top, matching shorts, tall blue stockings and white shoes. She also almost always wears a large, thick belt that is large enough to be a half-skirt, but appears similar to a sort-of tail. When working in the forge, she does put on more clothes, as she really doesn't want the severe burns that many in her profession receive. She is often seen with either one or both of her clawed gauntlets.
She has several burns and scars, mostly on her arms, from both her work and fighting others. Her most obvious is a large burn scar running from her left ankle to her mid-thigh. She tries to hide this scar by wearing long socks, tall boots, or stockings.

Mentality: Unsympathetically brazen, Mai does what she wants when she wants to. However, she is also caring to those she considers weaker... which is many people, as she has a very high opinion of herself. Sometimes she can be smothering in her attempts to protect others from even minor things.
While brash and even a bit rude, Mai does not like upsetting others and tries to correct any mistakes she makes. If someone helps her out, she tries to repay the favor as fast as possible, as she hates owing anyone anything.
While in most of her life she has attention issues, when working she is completely absorbed in her forge, and can work for days before realizing she should probably stop to eat.

Job: Blacksmith

Item/Weapon: Two gauntlets with poisoned claws

Tail Whip
Double Kick
Poison Sting

Poison Point

Additional Ability:
Helping Hand (she can pump up an ally to make their next attack more powerful)

Malus on M. Defense
Bonus on P. Attack

Mai Luu leaned back in her chair, making herself more comfortable. Her eyes scanned the newspaper in her hand, not really reading anything. The rain outside pounded against the roof.

It had been a while since she had any customers. Her current city was overcrowded with blacksmiths, almost one on every corner. If she stayed here much longer, she would be broke by the end of the year.

Suddenly, an article caught her eye. "New Continent Discovered!" it read. She read on, learning about this mysterious, lowly-populated new land.

"Perfect," she said to herself, folding up the paper. She would move to Airia and set up shop, finally earning a decent living as a smith.

How did you know us? rpg-d

Moe anthropomorphism.

Hopefully I'm doing this right D:
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Suida Quaria
Suida Quaria

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PostSubject: Re: Mai Luu, Nidoqueen   Wed Feb 15, 2012 4:37 pm

Welcome to Gijinka World!

Your sheet is all okay... except for one thing. The "Additionnal ability" is not a move or ability that is in the game. It's something that isn't explained in the game outside the PokeDex. So if you look at the PokeDex entries...

Quote :
Nidoqueen, the Drill Pokémon. Nidoqueen has thick skin covering its entire body, protecting it from whatever techniques are used against it.

You could have an additionnal ability based on armor. You could try to think of something else that suits Nidoqueen. Maybe something like being able to increase the size of your spikes.

Also, not really liking the fact that you're in Bikini. Thought most pictures on Google show Nidoqueen in a Bikini... I'd prefer that you change it, but I'll accept you anyway if you don't.
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Mai Luu, Nidoqueen
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