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 Sapphire Eon

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PostSubject: Sapphire Eon   Thu Feb 09, 2012 5:03 pm

-Name: Sapphire Eon

-Species: Vaporeon Gijinka

-Gender: Female

-Age: 17


-Personality: Sapphire is an optimist and a hard worker. It is hard to bring this girls spirits down and to make her angry. She is very calm and compassionate. However she is deathly afraid of electric types and electrical objects. And she is easily frightened, and well she is a hugger and a clinger.
-Job: Fisher
-Items and Weapons: Fishing Rod
-Money: 340

-Abilities (including additionnal ability): Water Aborb, Walk on Water

-Learned moves:

- Tackle
- Water Gun
- Helping Hand
- Sand-attack

HP: 29
Attack: 15
Defense: 14
Sp. Attack: 25
Sp. Defense: 18
Speed: 19

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Sapphire Eon
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