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 Fern Tao the Mienshao

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Fern Tao

Fern Tao

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Character sheet
Specie: Mienshao
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PostSubject: Fern Tao the Mienshao   Wed Feb 08, 2012 11:59 pm

Name: Fern Tao
Specie: Mienshao
Age: 18

Appearance: Fern is tall and skinny male. He has short spiky brown hair that slowly fades into a bluish purple at the back of his head. Two purple parts of hair at the front hang down to his shoulders in contrast to his normally brown hair at the front. His eyes are a soothing azure. His arms long and whip like with no definite hands. His clothing consists of a long-sleeved white GI with a purple stripe along the stomach and purple pants with black shoes. He wears a purple belt with a large bead at each end. He has a classic Mienshao tail that is white with a purple tip.

Mentality : Fern is a simple man that will give an honest opinion if asked but otherwise will keep to himself. He likes his alone time where he meditates in secluded places. He quiet, calm, and calculating and will not intervene unless someone is in danger. He is an able fighter from training since a young age within his family dojo.

He likes exploring the unknown and doesn’t know the meaning of retreat when he sets his mind to something. When adventuring he acts carefree to lighten up the mood but is actually always on the lookout for things that may harm his friends. He cares more for others than himself and gladly put himself in harm’s way to protect those who are weaker than himself.


Item/Weapon: Expert Belt

Ability: Inner Focus: prevents flinching from dirty shots.
Sharp Senses: Fern is able to tell if something is wrong such as danger ahead.

HP: 19
Attack: 35
Defense: 14
Sp. Attack: 18
Sp. Defense: 14
Speed: 35


  • Detect: Fern's eyes glow light blue and it dodges all of the opponent's attacks for a short time.
  • Fake Out: Fern runs up to the opponent and claps his hands a large shockwave of air comes out of them and pushes the opponent back.
  • Pound: One of Fern's arms glow white and he swings it, releasing a white cresent blade of energy from its arm at the opponent.
  • Meditate: Fern sits on the ground and meditates.
  • Drain Punch: Fern punches forward and its arm becomes surrounded in green energy with white streaks spiraling around it. When the attack hits the opponent, green sparks come off the opponent and onto Fern causing him to gain back stamina.
  • Force Palm: A white ball forms in front of Fern's hand and it puts its arm up to the opponent. He then fires a white blast from the ball at the opponent.

Level up moves:

  • DoubleSlap
  • Swift
  • Calm Mind
  • Force Palm
  • Drain Punch
  • Jump Kick
  • U-turn
  • Wide Guard
  • Bounce
  • Hi Jump Kick
  • Reversal
  • Aura Sphere

Money: $530


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Fern Tao the Mienshao
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