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 [Self-Accepted~] Suida, the Dragonair

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Suida Quaria
Suida Quaria

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PostSubject: [Self-Accepted~] Suida, the Dragonair   Wed Jan 25, 2012 12:25 am

Name: Suida Quaria
Specie: Dragonair
Gender: Female
Age: 17 years old

Appearance: Suida is a girl with medium height and a slim body. She has red-purple eyes, a small white horn on her forehead and small wings taking places as ears. Her hair are sapphire-blue. The shape of its hair: two very long spot of hair that goes down up to her shoulders, the hair shapes into spikes behind her head, and long hair under those spikes that reaches her belt. Her clothings consist of a Sapphire robe that reveals her shoulder and part of her top, a long white cloth that starts from her navel and almost reaches the floor, and attached white clothes that hides the totality of her two arms. She has very long white socks under her robes, but does not wear any shoe or sandal. She also has a long Dragonair tail behind her. There are some orbs, the same color as those on her tail, attached to her neck and arms. She has a very celestial look on overall.

Mentality: Suida is a somewhat shy and closed girl. Her passion for reading books gave her a bit of trouble to speak her mind. She does not refuse company, but she can easily create moments of silence in a conversation. Otherwise, she's very calm and intelligent. She has a great memory, especially when it comes to stories.

She likes reading books a lot. She can often be found reading a book somewhere, be it in the library or on the streets. She is very interested about myths and legends, and this is often a subject that will attract her attention. When the opportunity presents itself, she'll gladly go exploring in an attempt to discover a new piece of history. She is often a great asset to an exploration team, since she can read ancient languages.

Job: Librarian.

Item/Weapon: Draco Plate

-Thunder Wave
-Dragon Rage

Ability: Shed Skin

Additionnal ability: Growth (Suida can grow her wings on her head in order to fly)

-Malus on P. Attack
-Bonus on M. Attack


-Mother... Who is this?

I looked at a portrait of a man, with orange antennaes and wings. I was 5 years old back then, and it was the first time I wondered who this person was. He looked different from Dratinis and Dragonairs, so I thought he was a close friend.

-He's my father, Kaku.
-Your father? He's not a Dratini or Dragonair?
-He was a Dragonite. Dragonite are rare species of our family. When we see one of them, they never stay long within us.

As I was listening, I was trying to find similarities. But he looked so different, I found it hard to believe they were part of our family.

-They don't like living with us?
-We don't know their reason. There are a few legends about them. We only know they depart through the sea.
-I don't know them. But I know there are a few books about them at the library.

I was curious about those legends. Legends where the legendary was part of my family. I wanted to know more. And so, I went to the library, together with my mother.

Arrived there, I looked at books of myths and legends. But before I knew it, I got myself interested in every single myth. From the creation of the World, to mysteries of a particular Gijinka. I think I've read about at least 20 myths before seeing the name Dragonite. There was a few, like how they could fly extremely fast, or how they saved many Ships from hopeless situations. But I wasn't satisfied with this.

For years, I've tried reading more about them. But as time passed, I started reading every kind of books. I stopped focusing on Legends about Dragonites. Naturally, that made me become really smart, but I lost a bit of ability to speak. Reading had become my main passion.

Two months ago, as I was reading a meaningless book in the Park, I've heard a few people talking about the Holy continent of Airia being discovered. Instantly, I've dropped my book and headed toward the little group.

-Airia has really been discovered?

Everyone from the group turned toward me.

-Yeah, a group of explorers just came back from this continent. They are soon going to start sending people on this land.
-Where can I go to travel there?
I said in a hurried tone.
-You can go ask the Sailor Captain at the Harbor.

I ran toward the Harbor, without even thanking the group, and without taking back the few books I brought with me. And I arrived in front of the Captain, who was looking at a Map with his crew.

-I want to go to Airia!
again, in a hurried tone.
-We do not know much about Airia and its legends. Danger may lie ahead. Are you sure you want to go?
-I am absolutely sure!

The Captain and his crew all looked at me, some of them were whispering between themselves. They couldn't tell if I was being irrational or not. After a while, the Captain said his decision.

-Very well. I can see your will in your eyes. We will depart in a week.

And so, I travelled toward Airia, in hope of discovering the very foundations of the World. And maybe even meeting a Dragonite.

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PostSubject: Re: [Self-Accepted~] Suida, the Dragonair   Sun Feb 05, 2012 5:22 pm

cool story bro xD
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[Self-Accepted~] Suida, the Dragonair
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