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 Bernocross- Heracross Gijinka

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PostSubject: Bernocross- Heracross Gijinka   Fri Aug 01, 2014 4:49 pm

Name: Bernocross
Specie: Heracross
Gender Male
Age: 18

Appearance:Has an extensive exoskeleton that molds naturally together in a way that also allows an endo skeleton. Is 6'2'' and weighs 180 Lbs. Has red glowing eyes and multiple colorations in segments of his carapace varying from the color of shale to dark blue as well as some secondary colors and markings as well to highlight his features. Has the Horn so iconic to the species.

Mentality: Hardheaded and Passionate

Job: Taxidermist/Trophy Hunter/Poacher/Rebel Youth

Item/Weapon: A weaponized Bass Guitar made into a trophy from the carapace of a prized Heracross, it is heavily weighted and can be used as a chopping weapon that deals a focused blunt force. The guitar is very durable and can withstand the rigors of combat and is well made enough to serve as a heavy bass guitar that Gene Simmons would be proud of.

Moves: Arm Thrust, Bullet Seed, Fury Attack

Ability: Skill Link

Additional Ability: Bernocross can easily lift and hurl objects up to or exceeding 100 times his own weight with great force, fast, and far utilizing little effort do to his herculean stength

Stats: +Health/-Sp. At

NPC: (Optional)

Story: Bernocross was shipped to Airia as an infant due to his family being nobles in an area where bloodlines ran pure they could not keep him. Growing up as an pseudo-orphan there was little supervision in his life and with no master or obligations the Heracross Gijinka went out of town for weeks at a time on safari's and hunting expeditions tracking down worthy pokemon foes and vanquishing them. One such foe was a Huge heracross that grew out of proportions into a monster and terrorized the bush. Bernocross slayed the beast with his bare hands and took the beast home where he ripped apart the monster and turned his corpse into a weaponized bass guitar that thunders like the Monster Heracross itself.
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Bernocross- Heracross Gijinka
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