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 Vege the Blastoise

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PostSubject: Vege the Blastoise   Tue Apr 23, 2013 7:29 am

Name: Vege
Specie: Blastoise
Gender Male
Age: 13

Appearance: He has a normal physique. He has white hair with blue eyes. He wear a blue jeans. He doesn't wear a shirt. He has two canons placed on his shoulders and have 2 small water canons ticked along his arms. He wears a blue color armor and has a brown shield at his back. He wears a blue and brown belt and looks like a knight with out his face cover.

Mentality: He is very friendly and is a man of word. He never turns back from his oath and sometimes he can get angry due to un-success in his job.

Job: Weapon Supplier

Item/Weapon: Item Moomoo Milk

Water Gun

Ability: Torrent

Additional Ability: Fusion ( Can fuse his moves )


Malus on Attack
Bonus on Defense

NPC: Charome - He is a Charizard. He is the partner of Vege in supplying weapons and is like a brother to him. They have a strange bond between them. They were best friends when they were kids and till now they are each others best friend.

Story: He was a small child in Kanto. His parents were super heroes who help others and fight against Team Evil. In their 25th battle they died because the Team Evil came to knew about their strategies. A charizard family adopted him who lived in their neighbor. The charizard family had a son named Charmoe was Vege best friend. Team Evil came to know this and they started threatening the charizard family to give Vege to them. But they sent their child and Vege to Airia. After some months they got the news from Kanto that their parents are dead and now they are orphan. But they didn't lose hope and both of them lived together and are growing up together.

How did you know us? I came here for the request to expand your forum game to my forum. Then i checked all the rules and everything and found this exciting and thought to join the fun.

Moe anthropomorphism
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Vege the Blastoise
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