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 Akko the Shinx

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PostSubject: Akko the Shinx   Fri Mar 29, 2013 12:20 am

Name: Akko Sparks
Specie: Shinx
Gender: Female
Age: 15

Appearance: Akko is a petite girl, usually wearing a sky blue hoodie and black jeans, decorated with yellow armbands and glasses with yellow frames, and her boots completing the look with a charcoal black. Her hair is charcoal black, with a natural blonde colored streak in the front, and her eyes are a honey yellow.

Mentality: She is normal minded, but tends to use violence and electricity more than others.

Job: Computer repair

Item/Weapon: She swiped a taser from her dad a while back before she moved out, and she carries it in her hoodie pouch.

­Moves: Spark, Tackle, Dig, and Discharge

Ability: Intimidate

Additional Ability: Volt Absorb

Stats: Her defense is heightened, but her Sp. Attack is lowered.

Story: Akko lived with her father and mother until she turned 15, getting into all sorts of trouble with her irrational fear of heights and violence, until they had enough of it and gae her a computer as a peace treaty. Akko became addicted to it instantly, and became very good with computers, so she took classes on various computer subjects. By then, Akko she was too old to stay with her paremts. So Akko moved to Airia a month after this decision, and she is itching to explore.
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Akko the Shinx
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