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 Yami Ayakashi

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PostSubject: Yami Ayakashi   Mon Feb 18, 2013 2:07 am

Name:Yami Ayakashi



Age: 20

Appearance:She's 5'6,115 pounds, pale skin with a scar going across her lower abdomen,has light grey hair that goes to her neck and one part goes to her chest,and red slightly narrow eyes.A white cut coat that goes to right below her chest,black gloves,bandages around her chest(usually wears a shirt over the bandages),short shorts with a belt with a coat hanging from it,black stockings that go to the middle of her thighs and white high-heeled boots that end right below the stockings and are connected to the shorts.

Mentality:Sarcastic and loves taunting her enemies.Twisted sense of humor.Doesn't care about right and wrong.She has no morals and will do any job that pays well.Will do anything to get the job done.She loves fighting and is very sadistic in battle and loves seeing her enemies hurt.She thinks through all her options and stays calm in most situations.She meditates and trains when she's not on a job.Keeps her blade with her all the time even when she sleeps.

Job:Bounty Hunter


­Moves:Scratch, Feint, Quick Attack and Taunt


Additional Ability:Uses her halberd in battle sometimes

Stats:Bonus Sp. Attack, Malus Sp. Defense

Story:Yami was raised to be a bounty hunter from when she was 10.When she was found by the hunter she had a large wound going across her abdomen and couldn't remember anything.After she was found she trained to be a bounty hunter for ten years learning about the trade of hunting and persuasion.The bounty hunter also gave her the alias Yami Ayakashi.After 10 years the bounty hunter said she was ready to go on her own and told her to make a name for herself, and she agreed and decided to go to Airia and become famous.Before she left though the bounty hunter gave her a halberd which she treasured very much.Shocked with the generous gesture Yami promised to remember her and when she's famous she'll tell the world about her teacher.With that she got on a boat to Airia ready for her new journey as a true bounty hunter.

How did you know us? Pokemon RP Topsites

Moe anthropomorphism

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Yami Ayakashi
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