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 Adira Jetrail

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Adira Jetrel

Adira Jetrel

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PostSubject: Adira Jetrail   Sat Dec 08, 2012 11:28 pm

Name:Adira(strong, noble, powerful) jetria
Age: 15 years

Appearance:A medium height skinny girl with a leap in her step.She has long blonde hair with red streaks down the sides.Her eyes are a deep intelligent brown, and she has a pair of large wings that are almost strong enough to carry her a long long distance. Her long legs are good for helping her lift off and land, she like to wear dresses and shirts with large red feather attached to them.

Mentality:Adira is a strong character,shes calm and extremely confident. She like to challenge others but only to have a fun race or friendly battle, she may act like shes friendly but she can pack a punch. She is willing to listen to advise people give her but as soon as they try to push her she digs her heels in and won't let her opinion go, even if its a bad choice. But in general shes a free spirit.


Item/Weapon:Bow,arrows, and goggles for high speed flying

Fly- Flying type
Gust- Flying type
Quick Attack- Normal type
Tackle- Normal type

Ability:Keen Eye

Stats: -Defense +Speed

Story:Adira woke up bleary eyed, her bow hugged closely to her and her goggles all tangled in her hair,she twitter irritably to herself at waking up so early, with the sun just touching the edge of the ever brightening horizon. She quickly packed up her meager supplies and picked a few berries from the tree she had been sleeping in. Adria had been born on a large island and then cast away when they learnt that she wasn't one of their tribes type of gijinka.

Adria was a pedgeot not one of their preciousness pedgeotos, she looked incredibly close to them but her hair was longer and her wings stronger, for that they seemed to fear her. After she was cast out while still trying to pack things into her bag and weeping at her parents rejection of her she had lost most of her arrows, and felt pretty helpless.

"stupid little pedgeotos!" she muttered to her self and kept muttering while she walked. After along time walking an muttering to herself someone coughed behind her. Adira leaped into the air and spun around in one swift, smooth motion drawing, notching, and aiming an arrow.

"Whoa! calm down!" said the gijinka behind her.After quick study to classified him as putchana and settle back down to the ground wings beating softly now,"Why did you sneak up on me!" she demanded glaring at the stranger, he laughed," i have been walking right behind you for the past hour and just thought i'd ask if your going to Airia?""where?" she asked suddenly intrigued,"Airia" he repeated,"there are lots of jobs there and if your as half as good at shooting by the show there" Adria blushed fiercely," then you would have no troubles fitting in there."

With that the stranger walked a way and Adria took to the sky repeating the name "Airia" quietly and wonderingly

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Adira Jetrail
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