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 Kayla the Umbreon

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PostSubject: Kayla the Umbreon   Wed Jul 25, 2012 11:53 am

Name: Kayla

Species: Umbreon

Gender: Female

Age: 14

Appearance: She's 5 ft., 4 in., weighs 140 lbs., she has long, choppy brown hair and pale skin. Her eyes are like an Umbreon's, black with yellow instead of white. She wears black, flat boots up to below her knees, shorts that go to her mid-thighs, with yellow rims at her waist and her thighs, and she has a yellow ring on each side of her shorts. Her shirt is black and sleeveless, it only covers her chest and back, and a black strap goes around her neck, with a yellow ring as a collar. She also has black gloves that go up to her mid-upper arms, with yellow rings circling her elbows. She has yellow rings on the sides of her knees, her shoulders, and around her belly button. She also has the tail and ears of an Umbreon.

Personality: She enjoys trips through dense forests and she likes to collect gemstones for her buisiness. She is often active at night, mostly because she loves to see the moon out. She's very cheerful, and loves her life, but she's often sad, since she remembers nothing about her history except a home that she was later rejected from. Even though she is normally happy, she has a short temper and jumps to conclusions when she's angered.

Job(s): She is a stone cutter. At night, she looks for stones, and during the day, people order a shape, size, and stone, and she fills the order and gives the stone to the person in a few hours. Of course, she likes taking missions and adventuring often, too.

Moves: Quick Attack, Faint Attack, Confuse Ray, Helping Hand.

Ability: Synchronize

Stats: HP: 20
A: 20
SA: 16
D: 20
SD: 20
S: 24
LP: 0
LVL: 5

Story: One day, Kayla awoke just outside a government facility. Her head hurt, and as much as she wanted to remember something, all that she could bring up were two memories. One was of a farm that she was certian was her home, and one was of people in suits, coming to take her away. She looked at herself, then her memory of the strange people, and wondered why she looked so different, though she was certain that she never looked any different than she did then. She got up, and set out to find the farm in her memory. After weeks of searching, she found it in a wide, open feild. She ran inside, hoping to find a clue to her past, but when she entered, there were two normal humans sitting at a table for dinner. They stared at each other for a few seconds. Then, the woman screamed and the man got a broom out of the corner. With broom in hand, the man chased Kayla away. In a panic, she ran across the open feild, through a forest, and wound up in a city, where she was caught by animal control and shipped off to an island approximately 100 yards from Airia. Kayla thought that if she could get to the larger island, she would get the items she needed to survive. With that thought, she dove in. She got tired about 1/4 of the way through, so she swam back. At the small island, she built a raft out of tree trunks and vines, and set off. After a long time, she made it to shore. Almost immediately, she ran inland, hoping to find help. Instead, she found a community full of people like her. When they asked her what her name was, she immediately answered, "Kayla." She soon took an interest in stones and opened up her shop.
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Kayla the Umbreon
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