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 Kassandra Minamoto (WIP)

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Kassandra Minamoto

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PostSubject: Kassandra Minamoto (WIP)   Thu May 03, 2012 2:26 pm

Name: Kassandra Minamoto

Nicknames: Fire Fists, Spit-Fire or Red-Eyes

Species: Nine-Tails

Gender: Female

Age: 27



Kassandra has a skewed view on life. But, not do to any fact of her being inherently evil, instead it is due to the life she has had. As a part of her training in her art she has developed a very hierarchical view of society. She lives by the lessons of her master:

  1. the Strong devour the Weak
  2. Combat is conducted on the most honourable terms
  3. Never strike the defenceless
  4. Defeat is not an option
  5. Greatness is attained through tribulations and determination

Personality wise, Kassandra has a split personality. One is calm and stoic warrior, who prefers to listen and observe before acting. The other is a less restrained and more suppressed personality. This personality is what gained her the nicknames Fire-Fists and Red-Eyes. This personality slips out the longer Kassandra remains in a fight, it is a wild and merciless personality. Obsessed with the fight and victory she turns into a wild best. Indeed Kassandra's obsessive side is dark one. Obsession over: victory, defeating legendary gijinka, restoring her master's name and obtaining glory.


Wandering fighter for hire


-Razor sharp edged steel finger-nails painted gold
-Metal gauntlets hidden under black fabric gloves.


  1. Ember- Sends multiple small flame sparks at the opponent.
  2. Quick Attack- The user lunges at the target at a speed that makes it almost invisible. It is sure to strike first.
  3. Fire Spin- Breaths a Flame tornado, which stays around for a little while.
  4. Nasty Plot- The user stimulates its brain by thinking bad thoughts. It sharply raises the user's Sp. Atk.


Flash Fire: The user can absorb flames and use them to power-up his own Fire moves.

Additional Ability:

Martial Arts Style:

Blazing Wolf Fist (Akai Hi Okami Ken)


  • Storm of Fists: Opponent is covered in a storm of punches, finger cuts and stabs. Watch out for her steel finger nails, they cut deep
  • Crane Dive: Kassandra jumps high above the opponent and rains down on them a flood of kicks

Fire Techniques:

  • (Ember) 100 Blazing Fists: Opponent is surrounded by a barrage of flames launched from Kassandra's fists as she releases a series of furiously quick punches.
  • (Quick Attack+Ember) Rising Phoenix Kick: Kassandra lunges in a series of great leaps to cover as much ground as possible and to get as close as possible. Then releases a series of vicious kicks that launch streams of flames at the opponent.
  • (Fire Spin) Seven Star Fist: Kassandra moves her hands in mysterious circles and culminating in her punching both her fists together, simultaneously she takes in a deep breathe. When she exhales a large flame bursts from her lips.

Signature Moves:

  • (Nasty Plot+Fire Spin) 1000 Years of Pain Fist: Kassandra summons a lot of energy and releases it in a series of accelerated punches and kicks. The fast punches and kicks release a tornado of flames and currents. The opponent is overwhelmed with hell-fire


NPC: None


Kassandra was born without knowing her parents. She began her life as street urchin growing up into a delinquent that would frequently get into fights with the local street gangs. These fights would often get violent and dangerous quickly. In one incident Kassandra was cut across her left eye by a knife wielding gangster. She always came out the fights battered and bruised but victorious. She quickly developed a sense on life that was warped compared those who have lived with someone watching over them. To her it was eat or be eaten, be victorious in everything and only violence truly solves your problems. This was her code of life and it would increasingly bring her into trouble with the law. Soon she gained a reputation as a sort of monster that lurked the city streets. In one event however, she had bitten more than she could chew.

She had stolen from a wealthy merchant and had become surrounded by policemen. She knew capture would be the end of her, so she fought them all. She injured 3 and knocked out 2 but there were more than she could handle. She was captured and jailed. However, before she was sentenced someone paid her bail. Kassandra was shocked. No one would ever take her side let alone help her. She would meet her saviour. It was Master at the locally renowned Martial Arts school. The Master told her that in her he saw the determination for greatness and a destiny that was beyond running around in the streets. The Mater would teach her the ways of his martial arts Blazing Wolf Fist and allow her to grow she should have. Watched over by her Master she began to train and develop a fearsome martial arts style. Speed. Speed was her power. Her movements were so swift, graceful and phantom-like it was hard to keep track off. Soon after many years she became on par with her own master. However, the Master noted that Kassandra had an ugly side to her martial art.

While it can be used for good, Kassandra would often revert back to her monster like form and go on devastating rampages. Many of her fellow students would complain that she was too powerful and was a serious danger to the other students. As a result Kassandra always trained alone and only sparred with the Master. But, she didn't care as much for company. Sparring with the Master was all the company she wanted. One day a new student arrived and instantly gained popularity. He even began to train more with the Master than herself. Kassandra suppressed her jealousy and trained in silence. One day the new student confronted Kassandra telling her that she was not needed at the school and that she should leave. In fact, most of the other students chimed in as well. They surrounded her and told her to leave. She refused saying the Master would never ask her to leave. Then the new student handed her a note in the Master's hand writing telling her the exact same thing. Kassandra was horrorified. Eyes with tears for the first time she agreed and left.

On her own she continued her training. Soon she wandered from school to school challenging the senior students and masters of that school to combat. One after one she would defeat or maim them. She gained a new reputation as the "School Killer". Famous martial arts schools would in advance of her visit beg her to leave. Other schools outright moved when she would come near. She soon became dissatisfied with formal procedure of going to a school and challenging the masters. She would hunt them down herself in order to prevent them from leaving. She had become an increasingly dangerous problem. So the Masters of the various schools got together and hatched a plan. They sent her a letter of challenge. When she arrived the masters ambushed her in an all-out attack. She couldn't hold all of them back and was defeated. In her defeated state a new master appeared. It was the new student, he had succeeded to become master of her master's school. In that time her revealed as a final insult that the letter was a fake and the old master passed away broken hearted that she left him without a word.

Kassandra in that time became an unstoppable fury. She broke form her chains of restraint and killed everyone in front of her. Except the new Master. No. She would make him suffer. She sliced off his arms and legs, leaving him there to slowly die. Now she had nothing left in her life. She thought of committing suicide but something else caught her attention. Rumours of a new continent with mythically powerful beings. She decided she would finally gain the greatness her master promised by venturing to this continent and redeeming herself by killing one of these mythical Pokemon and offering it to her master as a final thank you.

How did you know us?
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Kassandra Minamoto (WIP)
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