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 Description of the Shrine of the sky lord

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PostSubject: Description of the Shrine of the sky lord   Sun Apr 29, 2012 9:58 pm

Once you walk up the steps towards this shrine you shall see a wooden gate. This wooden gate has the emblem of Rayquaza on it.
Once you open this gate you will see a large open area, and a building made from wood and stone.
All doors are sliding doors, and there is a donation box in front of the entrance. there is also a bell above this donation box, that you ring when you donate money and pray afterwards, it is said that this bell is modeled after a bell that is on top of the fabled Sky tower.

The garden has some bamboo and a sand bottom. this sand is taken care of every day.

Once you enter from the front gate you will see a large statue of Rayquaza at the end of the room, this statue is surrounded by a wooden fence, and two pillars that emit aura fire. The rest of this room is empty.

The room next to the has a staircase that leads towards bedrooms, eight in total. All these rooms are identical as no one lives here yet.

The room to the right leads to the meditation room and the garden, there is also a practice hall at the back of the garden, where the monks can practice their fighting skill.

Activity's of this Shrine:
This shrine has a monthly festival where people gather and set up stalls, the owner of the shrine stands near the donation box, and hands out fortunes to the people who come here.

At the end of this festival there is a event where people get a special paper Rayquaza talisman, and they let it float away with the wind, in honor of the sky guardian Rayquaza.

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Description of the Shrine of the sky lord
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