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 [Accepted] Momo Aurias

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Momo Aurias

Momo Aurias

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Character sheet
Specie: Riolu
Level: 1

PostSubject: [Accepted] Momo Aurias   Sun Apr 29, 2012 8:40 pm

Momo Aurias

Name: Momo Aurias
Specie: Riolu
Gender Male
Age: 11

Momo has a blue cap with two horns on it, and jet black shaggy hair. His eyes are crimson of color, and he wears a outfit of blue. This outfit covers his chest and puffs up by his thighs. his shoulders bare, he wears sleeves with iron studs on it. he is bare feeted, and wears a yellow collar around his neck, which has a black cloth sticking out of it. his tail is clearly visible from behind.

Mentality: Momo is a strong willed boy, and he can take care of himself, being taught how to cook and survive by his grandfather. He cares about his friends, and wants to protect those who can't protect himself. he strongly believes Rayquaza is almighty, and hopes to one day meet him in person.

Momo always has a stoic expression, not showing emotion to anyone, he talks in a monotone voice, and has been this way since birth. Most other children don't like him because of this.

Job: Apprentice monk

Item/Weapon: Cleanse Tag

-Quick attack
-Force palm

Ability: Inner Focus

Additional Ability: Momo is able to use the ripples of aura, he can sense emotions and communicate with others with this.

Bonus p.defence
Malus sp.attack

NPC: (Optional)

Story: Momo has lived in the mountains his entire life, together with his grandfather. They owned a shrine there that worships Rayquaza. When his grandfather had fallen ill, he knew that he would probably not make it. but he stood strong, and didn't cry.

After that he heard about Aira, a new continent where legends had said to be appearing, he took a boat with the money that he had, in search of the legendary Rayquaza, in hope to ask him to cure his grandfather, the only family member he had.

Once he had arrived he got the help of some people and they helped him in his building of a shrine, the shrine was on the highest point in Dawnn, build atop a giant hill, steps were carved and a shrine was build. he now continues his search for Rayquaza, hoping that he would be able to cure his grandfather from his illness.

How did you know us? (Optional)

Its a me, the mod Zero!

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Suida Quaria
Suida Quaria

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Character sheet
Specie: Dragonair
Level: 5

PostSubject: Re: [Accepted] Momo Aurias   Sun Apr 29, 2012 8:55 pm

Your character's accepted. You know the drill. Diary => RP => Profit!


HP: 17
Attack: 30
Defense: 21
Sp. Attack: 11
Sp. Defense: 17
Speed: 25

A new section will be created, for Shrines.

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[Accepted] Momo Aurias
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