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 Ember's Journal

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PostSubject: Ember's Journal    Sat Apr 14, 2012 12:39 am

-Name: Ember Flannery Flynn
-Species: Blaziken Gijinka
-Gender: Female
-Age: 18

-Appearance: Ember stands at the height of 6'03 inches. As well Ember has a muscular form, her chest spouts a six pack and her arm is well toned. Ember is missing her left arm and has a replacement with a metal prosthetic. Ember has large breasts. Ember has long blonde hair, with patches of hair, that are natural and if were to feel it they would feel oddly like feathers.

-Personality: Ember is a stubborn and loves to pick fights, especially with males who she is extremely prejudiced against. Ember has a short fuse. Ember is very protective of Rill, and Saskia.
Ember hates getting help from others or charity. Ember puts pride in her work, and wants to prove that females can be Blacksmith's too. Ember is a tad perverted towards women, and she loves to drink alcohol.
-Job: Blacksmith
-Items and Weapons: Spiked Brass Knuckles

-Abilities (including additionnal ability): Blaze, Jump High
-Learned moves:
- Double Kick
- Peck
- Ember
- Scratch
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Ember's Journal
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