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 [Accepted] Carly Nightshade

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Carly Nightshade

Carly Nightshade

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Character sheet
Specie: Mismagius
Level: 1

PostSubject: [Accepted] Carly Nightshade   Fri Apr 06, 2012 1:47 am

Name: Carly Nightshade
Specie: Mismagius
Gender: Female
Age: 19

Carly's hair is purple, just like the magicky dresses she likes to wear. It tends to creep down the sides and back of her head, but avoids her heart shaped face. Her Bangs are multi layered, almost as if they wanted to have their own spot, and she has two tendrils of hair coming down from either side of her face, in front of her ears. The back of which tends to come off her neck and upper back in almost a wave of purplish hair.

As for her facial structure, she has a slightly pointed and small chin, a pair of pouty lips, and a perk little nose. Her ears are small, and hide behind her hair most of the time, and her eyes are large and almond shape, a color of Haunting Magenta.

Following it down her body, her porcelain like skin goes down her neck, and towards her gentle bust, with usually a ribbon in between her chest and her neck. Her dress showing a little bit of cleavage, and skin all over it, as it goes into split sleeves that barely cover the upper portion of her arms. Following the arms is some disconnected wrapped sleeves, that go all the way down her arms to her wrists, into Magenta cuffs.

As for the Dress itself, it starts at the shoulders, and makes its way down her body, coming from a V neck, and going down to meeting just under her cleavage, and down her waist where there are Four Magenta colored Jewels holding to her waist like a belt, before it expands into both a skirt, and an almost secondary Skirt. The first one comes from under the second one, covering her down to her thighs, while her secondary one comes off of her hips, and goes further down, being pushed off like some sort of cape.

If you follow that down, you see her nice and slender legs, that go all the way down till you reach her Ankle boots. Those boots are purple with Magenta Laces, and Sole. Finishing up her Outfit and appearance is her Trademark Witches hat, one that marks her as a Mismagius, instead of a Misdreavus, it has ear like points, and expansions all over it, and a wide brim that creates a large shadow over her 5'4" body. Looking at her, you would say she is slender, possibly 127 lbs.

The first words to come to mind, when describing her, is Tease. She loves to tease and flirt when she can. She loves it more if she can seduce people into doing what she wants, or getting something out of them. She also may be considered a little spooky, enjoying things like floating in from almost no where, or sneaking up on people. Be careful if you draw her attention or desire, for she may just decide to stalk you for a while, until she gets bored of you, or someone else draws her attention.

Other than that, she is more or less laid back, easily seen in a setting that has many people, and good cheer, she is not the one you would expect to see walking through a dark road somewhere. Though even though she does not look it, she is in fact known for exploring, either on her own, or with others. If they find something she wants though, the first part of her nature shows up. She will always try to get the things she wants from what they find.

She is oddly sentimental, as proven by the Dusk Stone necklace she keeps with her, as a memento from past adventures. She Will always keep something if someone gives it to her, even if it is something small like a button. She can be oddly sentimental, and may even use the keep sake as a way to keep in contact with those she felt deeply for.

As for love, to her, it exists, but she wants to play around first. She wants to be with as many people as she can romantically, but no more than that. She may be a flirt, and seductress, but she has her Virtues after all. Discussions over dinner is suggested.

Job: Explorer

Item/Weapon: A Dusk Stone necklace as a keep sake.

Psywave -Psychic
Confuse Ray- Ghost
Lucky Chant- Normal
Thief -Dark

Ability: Levitate

Additional Ability:
Mood Chants- The ability to chant and attempt to influence the mood of those around her. As a Mismagius this is a natural thing for her, and usually used to try to get people to see her way. She can only do this when she is not under a status effect that would make it hard for her to focus.

Stats:-Special Defense +Attack


Carly Nightshade, born on a continent far from Airia, she was part of your average family of Gijinka. She came from a long line of Psychic, Dark, and Ghost Type Pokemon, and her family tried to continue the line by limiting themselves to marrying only those who fell under those types. That meant that her family was trying to reinforce their later generations into having more power in those specific move types. Why? It became noted some how, in their oldest generations, that some how, by moving along those three lines, they would gain ultimate power. That meant trying to train their sons and daughters into wanting to seek out people of the same types to expand on the power and pool of moves they had, to try to seek a more powerful future.

That was how Carly came into this world, the child of a Mismagius and a Spiritomb, with her great grandmother being a Jinx. Her upraising was to seek out power, but along the line she got bored. She wanted to go and have adventures, and to seek out her own path. Her parents wanted her to stay, and seek the sage like life style they had built, but she could not do it. Her siblings tried to get in her way, but she pushed them off. She would not be in this area, if she was stuck with this incessant boredom. Finally her Father came to her, and gave her a necklace with a dusk stone in it. Saying to be safe, but to remember the families dream, he finally let her go.

Her trip started with out direction, or care, but slowly, there became more and more of a hope and wish inside her. Her Ancestor's dreams drew her to seeking power, but not a new power in the future, but instead to seek the Legendaries and to find out about their powers. The boredom lead her to an explorer's life style, seeking information, and treasure, and bonding with people, only to break their hearts. A Bit of a rogue herself, she often times took what she wanted, and left people in the past.

Sadly, this caught up with her, and she had to seek a new start somewhere. Hiding away in a crate, she soon found herself on board a ship headed to a new continent, a continent filled with hope, and a new start for Carly. One filled with Rumors of potential meetings and strange new adventures. She hopes to have a haunting good time.

How did you know us?
Gabe/Dante/Enkil/Gay Guy, what ever you call him, asked me to join when he found it, My friend and loved one joined before I did, but learned of it after I did. She is playing an Emolga named Momo.

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Suida Quaria
Suida Quaria

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Character sheet
Specie: Dragonair
Level: 5

PostSubject: Re: [Accepted] Carly Nightshade   Fri Apr 06, 2012 10:35 pm

Welcome to Gijinka World! Your character sheet is good, however, you may need to limit your posts in the future. We seek short and fun posts here. If you can't manage to cut down enough, we'll tell you where to cut down. Depending on the situation thought, we can tolerate a long post.

You can start Role-Playing after creating your Diary.


HP: 15
Attack: 19
Defense: 15
Sp. Attack: 25
Sp. Defense: 21
Speed: 25

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[Accepted] Carly Nightshade
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