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 Olaf's breakfast

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Olaf Frakkurson

Olaf Frakkurson

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PostSubject: Olaf's breakfast    Tue Mar 27, 2012 1:59 am

Olaf was running like a mad man. He was out of breathe, his legs where shaking with pain, his skin was blood red. He even though, he had to keep running faster.

He had to push his massive body longer, to run faster, to be stronger, to jump higher, to dodge the dangerous tree branches at full speed and not to trip.

He was out of strenght and he had to keep being stronger, as his prey had no intention of stopping.
Olaf had been chasing this Stantler for hours in the forest; it was running for its life.
After such a long run, even the wild pokemon was exhausted.
Olaf breathing was getting heavier. He had to end this quickly.

He stopped running at once, rose his massive axe over his head and threw it with all his might.
The massive woodaxe spinned in the air at high speed as if it had it been a javelin and landed straight in front of the Stantler, which stopped at once.

Olaf was trying to catch his breath. The wild pokemon turned around and faced him. It was ready to fight for its life.

Olaf roared like only a mad man can.
The stantler charged, antlers down, at high speed and with much rage.
The beast was too exhausted for illusions or trick. Fighting was its sole option.
Olaf had to fight the beast in order to defeat it and in order to save his own life.
Olaf charged at full speed, wilder than the pokemon.

As the beast was about to tackle him with it's dangerous and sharp antlers, Olaf took hold of the horns with both hands and with only but brute strength managed to throw the beast on the ground.
The fight was not over yet. The pokemon dangerous hooves were battling the air.
While keeping the Stanler to the ground with one hand, Olad tried punch-pounding it with his right arm, but punching was just not enough. The beast was well beyond pain.
Olaf then took a firm grip on its neck and strangled it. In order to ease the pain of the choking beast and to end this fight once and for all, Olaf broke its neck.

At least, he had found his breakfast!

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Olaf's breakfast
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