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 Olaf's epic saga

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Olaf Frakkurson


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Character sheet
Specie: Ursaring
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PostSubject: Olaf's epic saga   Mon Mar 19, 2012 10:25 pm

Name : Olaf Frakkurson

Specie : Ursaring

AGE 30

Olaf is incredibly tall and muscular. His body his covered with scars and his left eye is almost shut closed. His chest and arms are very hairy and it's fair is as thick as fur. A huge yellowish circle covers his torso. His face is scary and his massive brown beard covers most of it. His strangest features are his sharp claws-like finger.
He wears a hide of dead Ursaring as a cape on his shoulder and it's skull as a hood which he wears upon his head. He also wears furry boots and leather gauntlets. He carries a huge wood axe with him wherever he goes. He is shirtless under his cape.
Olaf is usually calm, serious and composed. However, he easily become angered. When he does, his anger knows no boundaries. He goes berserk and become extremely violent and aggressive with no regard of if he is fighting his friends of foes. Despite his rather explosive character, he can be kind and even loving from time to time. Therefore, he likes feasting, merrymaking, drinking and eating. In fact, his appetite has no end. He has great respect for warriors and fighters and deep hate for those he believes act like cowards or hold no honour. He likes roar very much before doing anything.
Job: Hunter

Item/Weapon: an Axe

-Fury Swipe

Ability: Guts


HP: 22
Attack: 35
Defense: 18
Sp. Attack: 14
Sp. Defense: 18
Speed: 13

Likes: Hunting, Mead, Fighting, Honnour, Wilderness, Epic Tales
Dislikes: Cowards, Cities, Technology

NPC: Thorvald Beardedone, a male Beartic

Thorvald is almost identical to Olaf in size and looks, exept that his beard is white and longer. He wears a Beartic skin instead of a ursaring one. He is a sailor and carries a two-handed sword with him

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Olaf's epic saga
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