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 [Accepted] Seishu, Lucario

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PostSubject: [Accepted] Seishu, Lucario   Sun Feb 05, 2012 1:51 pm

AName: Seishu
Species: Lucario
Gender: Male
Age: 16

Appearance: Seishu has somewhat of a long black hair. He has bangs that cover his blood red eyes. Although he has a skinny body which makes him look fast and swift (he is) However dont let it fool he is very strong mentally and physically. Seishu also seems to wear some sort of goggles. Since seishu is extremely fast that goggles help him with wind resistant when moving to quickly. Seishu wears a black short sleeve shirt and a coat on top, along with matching gloves that are made from a leather like material.

Mentality: Whenever Seishu fights or when takes a walk he always thinks before he makes his next move. Because of his high speed and his ability and his flexibility he can think for a extended amount of time. However there are times where seishu will just attack without thinking but he just wont go on a rampage he will actually think of a good combo while attack and use it. While seishu isnt training or fighting he usually thinks about his past life which no ones because he has yet to tell anyone.

Job: Farmer (Lives near the forest) often visited the shore early in the morning to catch fish to sell them to the market or eat them, also grows different kinds of food and herbs that are useful in many ways)

Item: Shell bell

Move Set
Metal Claw-------Counter
Force Palm ----------Feint

Malus on P. Def
Bonus on Speed

Ability: Inner Focus

Additional Ability: To able to see, ones aura.


I was born on a island of the Lu I was raised their. However after a tragic accident i was forced to raise my self. After several years of Living in the mountains... alone i decided to wander off and meet the towns people. I also bought some food with me as a gift. But i was cast aside and banished to never return to the village ever again. I returned back to my home in the mountain to find it to only be destroyed. Without thinking i rushed inside hoping something survived......

Something about my parents. However the moment i hoped the door the house ignited into bigger flames and the explosion cause my body to fly down the mountain. Barely alive i look up and i was able to see my own house burn down from the top of the mountain. I tried to stand but my efforts were futile i tried to look around for any people that could help me. I desperately looked and i found the towns people. I tried called out for them but they couldnt hear. i tried crawling around to see what they were doing then i saw it. They were the ones burning down my house THEY WERE THE ONE WHO DESTROYED MY PRECIOUS Momentous

At that same moment when i was strucken by grief, a bell hit me. It was the same bell my own mother put around my wrist when i was little. I tied the bell around my wrist and tried to stood up again. With much difficultly i was finally able to stand. I tried looking for some berries to help me recover Luckily for me ther sum oran berries on the tree next to me. I recovered half of my strength i thought it was enough. I snuck up on the person attacking my house and i attack him with full force, he laid ther unconsciously, I didnt know if he was dead or if he fainted but i personally didnt care. The next moment something hard hit me on the back my of head! I turned around and i saw the towns people with angered faces.

I asked what was going on, but they didnt answer. They just stood there with angered faces. After a long moment of silence the chief of the village took my legs and dragged me to the village. I tried to break free but that blow in the head i received earlier cause my body to be paralyzed for a short time. several minutes passed by i was still being dragged thou the dirt grass and the rock. I look up and i see the chief was dragging me to the village. With that said i regained some hope thinking that he was taking me to the herb center (AKA HOSPITAL). However i was filled my self with bogus hope. We passed the herb center. I asked to the chief

Where are you taking me?


I began to question my self. Devils spawn? what did i ever do to any of this people. The chief stop moving. I look up and i see this small tower like building made up of stones, and surrounded by water and dangerous water animals, The front door was made purely out of metal, it was more like a gate then the door. The chief threw me inside.

This Prison shall be your Grave For your sin, For you existence and for your crime against us all!

He said as he threw me inside the Tower of Darkness. I could have escaped but i was unable to move. Then finally The gates closed. It was Cold and but surprisingly bright for some reason. The gates were closed and there was no moonlight. But then I started to think

have i really hurt this people so much that they couldnt even stand to look at me?

MY mind ached and i was unable to move. I thought rest might of been the best idea. I woke up and i didnt know either it was nightfall or early morning because it was just as bright when i feel asleep. Suddenly i heard a grumble, i thought there would be a monster here to kill me. Then i realized it was just my stomach. I looked around for food but there was nothing here. It was just one giant room THEN i remembered i had bought food with me. I gobbled up half the food i bought. Finally i was well rested and fed. I searched for a exit but couldn't find any.

I looked over on the other side of the room. There was a Light blue figure there. I ran to the other side and i figured out what that was. It was my own mother, She was pointing at something, but i didnt care what see was pointing at i ran as fast as i could and tried to hug her but then she disappeared and the words echoed

You have the power of the aura!

I didnt pay attention, i kept looking for my mom screaming her name, but she never showed up.

Then i remembered she was pointing at something i looked around and there i finally saw it was a window. But what would i do with the window? then i heard my voice again.

U must flee from this place, you must break down the window and survive, for it is you who have the power of the aura

what are you talking about? whats the aura? where are you? i cried.

seishu u must escape, the townsmen know about ur power of aura, they are scared of it, so please this is ur mothers last wish, please escape and head to a new place a place where u will be safe ther and during ur journey u will find a man who will teach u the ways of the

I never cried like i did in the tower for a long long time. So without a moment to spare, i used metal claw and broke down the windows (the window was like a jail cell it was made out of iron poles) The Security must have heard me because by the time i was half way across to the shore the townsmen were chasing me screaming "kill him", "he cant escape", "he has the power of the devil", but i didnt listen to them i just kept on running, but then i thought what if other townsmen are already at the shore. So i took a detour. I ran throu the forest, however for some reason i ended up on a cliff instead on the beach. Confused and scared, i didnt know what to do. So i jumped without thinking. As i hit the water one of the rocks smashed my arm. I fainted due to the pain. I woke up on a bright white sailboat. i looked at my arm and it was healed. I looked up and saw a person. I was about to ask where am i. But he started to talk.

We are on a boat, We are heading to land.

How did he know what i was about to ask without even asking it? i thought to myself

Because i can feel your aura i sense confusion, and curiosity.

AURA! everyone keeps talking about this aura WHAT IS AURA I SCREAMED!

The old man answered

Aura is the living essence of life, everyone has one and only certain people can see and controll it, seishu it is ur destiny to become the master of aura, and i shall teach you.

After couples of hours of explaining aura i finally understood why i was able to see very clearly in night and in the dark tower. After we finally hit shore, i asked the old man for his name.

my name, my name is one that will be revealed when you complete ur training

Soon almost 1 year has passed the old man told me all about the aura and how to use it, and different ways to use it. But i noticed that he still hasnt told me his name. I have been practicing my skills for over 11 months now. I go up to him and ask him about his name. But instead of answering me he tells me a story. The story of Airia. He told me how explorers have found the new continent Airia. I look over him i see his old sailboat, the same one he rescued me in. I told him i wanted to go to this new continent. He seems pleased with my response.

OK seishu its time to head to Airia and start a new life there, come to the boat when ur ready and i shall finally tell u who i am.

I excitedly packed my stuff and hurried to the boat. I got back and found him sleeping. Typical old man i said to my self. I Opened the sails and look at the map. Airia was north west from our current location. This was perfect since the wind was blowing from the south east. Then i felt a sudden chill. For some unknown reason i ran to the old mans room, i opened the door and saw that. The old man was awake but he wasnt alone. My mother was besides him (AURA FORM). I asked him what was going on. He said

Seishu, I am ur father. The current me is dead and so is ur mother, however i used a technique which kept my aura alive in my place to teach you. Now seishu you must head to Airia and make the world a better place. We will transfer our aura to you

I SCREAMED AND ASKED THEM TO WAIT, but it was to late they have disappeared.

Not quite seishu, we will be inside you, guiding u from right from wrong like real parents said my dad+mom at the same time

i was quite shocked when i heard them, i looked around but they was gone. From then i promise i would make Airia a Great nation from then on even if it taking 1 step at a time

Moe anthropomorphism

-Edited by Suida-

I have warned you enough times.

Last edited by seishu on Mon Feb 27, 2012 7:45 pm; edited 31 times in total (Reason for editing : Spammed Gokus)
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PostSubject: Re: [Accepted] Seishu, Lucario   Sun Feb 05, 2012 6:18 pm

Dream Moveset of Lucario:
Aura Sphere
Aura Storm
Extreme speed
ME first
Force Palm
Metal Claw
Dark pulse
Heal Pulse
Dragon Pulse
Close combat
Rain dance
Focus blast
Flash cannon
Poison Jab
Hyper beam

Last edited by seishu on Tue Feb 07, 2012 7:20 pm; edited 1 time in total
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Suida Quaria
Suida Quaria

Posts : 239
Join date : 2012-01-22
Age : 26

Character sheet
Specie: Dragonair
Level: 5

PostSubject: Re: [Accepted] Seishu, Lucario   Thu Feb 09, 2012 10:45 pm

Hello. I won't validate you yet. You still have a lot of flaws in your character sheet. Here's a list of what needs to be fixed:

-Species, Gender and Age. Fill the Specie correctly. There is no Gijinka with no gender. And unless you give a good reason in your story, your age IS known

-Avatar: Get a Lucario Gijinka avatar. Your previous one was perfect. Also, I will not accept a Shiny Lucario.

-Additionnal abilities: You only have the ability to See Aura. Finding them is included in "seeing Auras". You will only be able to control your Aura once you learn Aura Sphere.

-Story: The name of Airia was already given long before Explorers discovered it.

-Gokus: Remove them. I will not validate you if you don't remove them.

-Rules: You haven't proved that you've read the rules.
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PostSubject: Re: [Accepted] Seishu, Lucario   Fri Feb 10, 2012 8:48 am

Ther i fixed it
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Suida Quaria
Suida Quaria

Posts : 239
Join date : 2012-01-22
Age : 26

Character sheet
Specie: Dragonair
Level: 5

PostSubject: Re: [Accepted] Seishu, Lucario   Fri Feb 10, 2012 3:31 pm

Hello. I finally validate you. Next time, however, please do not spam the keyword. I could have decided not to validate you for that. Here are your missing informations:


HP: 16
Attack: 25
Defense: 12
Sp. Attack: 26
Sp. Defense: 16
Speed: 25

PokeDollars: 300

Your job will be done at the Forest. Details about your job will be explained there.
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Suida Quaria
Suida Quaria

Posts : 239
Join date : 2012-01-22
Age : 26

Character sheet
Specie: Dragonair
Level: 5

PostSubject: Re: [Accepted] Seishu, Lucario   Mon Feb 27, 2012 7:48 pm

Welcome back. I hope this time, you will behave. Information about your stats and experience have been kept. You will need to reedit your Diary, and then Role Play. You will also have to recalculate your PokeDollars by yourself.

Remember not to ever delete your Character sheet or Diary again.

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PostSubject: Re: [Accepted] Seishu, Lucario   

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[Accepted] Seishu, Lucario
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