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 Diario de Firenze

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Charlotte Firenze

Charlotte Firenze

Posts : 61
Join date : 2012-03-16

Character sheet
Specie: Charizard
Level: 3

PostSubject: Diario de Firenze   Fri Mar 16, 2012 11:47 pm

Name: Charlotte (pronounced "Char-loh-tah") Firenze. Prefers "Charla".
Specie: Charizard
Gender: Female
Age: 17

Appearance: Charla stands at roughly at a proud 5"3', including her pointed orange Charizard horns. These horns stick out of a head of roughly disheveled orange hair, around which are strapped a pair of yellow-rimmed aviator goggles. Her face most often shows her enthusiasum, most potent in her sapphire-blue eyes. Charla's shirt is a bright orange and yellow top with space cut open in the back for her wings to poke through, allowing them free movement during flight. There are also long black sleeves that extend from the shoulder to the hands, which are often covered in matching orange fingerless gloves.

This leads down to her pants, an orange belt with several pouches in back for holding on to neccessities. This is worn over her black shorts, and a hole is open enough in the back to allow her long, orange, flame-tipped tail to poke through. Finally, Charla sports a pair of leg-long orange boots with gray soles that are slightly elevated to make her feel taller.

Mentality: Charla is a complete tomboy, not fitting in with the prim and proper life style she was supposed to have. While other girls might want to play with dolls or dress up, she's the type who would dodge parental supervision to go out and play in the mud. A rough-and-tumble action girl, Charla wants to be where things are happening, if not the source of it herself. Words like "adventure" get her blood boiling, and once it does, little can stop her from accomplishing her goal.

As is the stereotype of the fire element, Charla is hot-headed and stubborn, refusing to alter her own path. She prefers to, as she puts it, "Smash righ' on through!", dealing with obstacles by facing them head-on rather than attempt to find another way to solve the problem. She was also exceptionally poor at her studies, possibly due to her impatient and action-addicted nature. Despite this, Charla is good-natured, and is loyal to her friends, perhaps to a fault.

Job: Runaway/Aspiring Explorer.

Weapon: None (Fists)

-Flame Plate (Equipped)

-Dragon Rage

Level Up Moves Remaining:
Dragon Claw (4 LP)
Shadow Claw (4 LP)
Air Slash (4 LP)
Growl (1 LP)
Scary Face (3 LP)
Fire Fang (3 LP)
Flame Burst (4 LP)
Wing Attack (4 LP)
Slash (5 LP)
Flamethrower (5 LP)
Fire Spin (6 LP)
Inferno (7 LP)
Heat Wave (8 LP)
Flare Blitz (8 LP)

Other Moves Desired:
Fly (6 LP)
Seismic Toss
Sky Drop
Swords Dance
Iron Tail
Dragon Rush (5 LP)
Blast Burn
Fire Punch
Thunder Punch
Dynamic Punch
Mega Punch
Mega Kick
Hyper Beam (8 LP)
Giga Impact (8 LP)

Ability: Blaze

Additional Ability: Fire-Eater; Charla can swallow any fire that isn't being used as an attack and consume it to restore some of her stamina in proportion to the amount of fire she has eaten. However, it is possible for her to over-eat, so she cannot be too reliant on this ability.

+Phys. Atk
-Spe. Def

HP: 18
Attack: 23
Defense: 18
Sp. Attack: 24
Sp. Defense: 15
Speed: 22

Story: The Firenze Family were a very wealthy group of aristocrats who owned a large chain of banks across the Gijinka World. Her father Ezio Firenze, the head of her family, was a fairly demanding father. Without a son, he resigned himself to pass on the ownership of his buisness to his only daughter, Charlotte Firenze. She was less than enthused.

Forget her lack of attentiveness and outright addiction to action, Charlotte simply had no interest in such a job especially one that kept her cooped up inside all day. She gathered her things and left. That being said, her escape attempts continued for years before she finally succeeded at the age of 14.

Things were hard at first, but for the next three years, Charla managed to live on her own, surviving by running menial chores wherever she went. Her father went as far as to place a reward for her safe return, forcing her to dodge bounty hunters as well. At this point, she knows that the hunters have become far to numerous, and has decided to escape to the Airia region.

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Charlotte Firenze

Charlotte Firenze

Posts : 61
Join date : 2012-03-16

Character sheet
Specie: Charizard
Level: 3

PostSubject: Re: Diario de Firenze   Fri Mar 16, 2012 11:50 pm

Adventures thus far: (Listed in Chronological Order)
- Registration for the first Tournament [1 post, Sign-Up Thread]
- Home Sweet Home? (In Progress)
- Heart of a Dragon [4 posts, Solo Training Thread]
- [Tournament] Volt Vs Charlotte [9 Posts. Level Up! (Level 3), +4LP]
- [Mission] Bounty: Clearing out the Diglett (In Progress)

Total LP: 4
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Diario de Firenze
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