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 Dear Diary... (Lucy's diary)

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PostSubject: Dear Diary... (Lucy's diary)   Wed Mar 14, 2012 2:53 pm

Name: Lucy Luffet
Specie: Wobbuffet
Gender: Female
Age: 15

Appearance: I have blue hair, and wear it in a ponytail. a short blue dress, and blue shorts. She wears blue boots. She does buy a lot of clothes, but this is almost the only thing she wears. When there is a important occasion, she wears something else.

Mentality:i'm a klutz, a total ditz, and air headed. but i'm really a nice girl, i always get's myself into trouble though. I work really really hard, but screw up most of the time. and everytime i want to study, i get distracted by cute boys... Sigh, i need to study more.

Job: I'm a School girl, i go to St.Mew Academy!

Item/Weapon: I have a nice Cleanse Tag, my old nana always said. "A cleanse every day, keeps danger away"... i think it's weird too.

I use:
-Mirror coat
-Destiny bond

Ability: I'm good at 'Shadow Tag'... it's fun!

Additional Ability:Blinding Rage. If you try to hurt her tail, she will get very pissed, and start attacking you.

My Stats:
-HP- 56
-p.att- 6
-p.def- 21
-sp.att- 10
-sp.def- 17
-Speed- 10

(NPC:) My best friend Bunny, the Lopunny Schoolgirl.

How i got here -v-
"Sigh, i'm bored." Lucy said.
Lucy was sitting on her desk at her school.
"Aren't there any interesting schools, this one is so boring."
Someone stormed inside, seeing that it was Bunny, Lucy jumped up and tried to hug her, but fell and knocked her head against the table.
"Ouch!" She yelled

Bunny just laughed, and then showed lucy a pamphlet.
"Look, this school just opened in this place called airia, we should totally go!"
She said to lucy, lucy looked over the pamphlet and liked what she saw. Especially the pictures of the hot guys. And there were a lot of sexy adventurers too.
"Ok! let's do it!" She said.
She and bunny both left for airia, to enter St.Mew Academy

My friend list:

People i don't really like that much:
I like everyone!!!

I have a Part time job at a supermarket... it's not that fun and i won't bother writing about it at all.

See you next entry!
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Dear Diary... (Lucy's diary)
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