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 Kiet's Records

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Kiet Burrow

Kiet Burrow

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PostSubject: Kiet's Records   Mon Mar 12, 2012 4:41 pm

Name: Kiet Burrow
Specie: Vibrava
Gender: Male
Age: 18

Appearance: Lean build, though a bit stunted in terms of height (165cm). Due to his upbringing in the desert, his skin is a fairly dark shade of tan. Upon his head is mess of dark blonde hair.

He sports a light yellow vest, normally unzipped. On the back of his vest are two large bottomless pockets, about 10cm. apart, where he holds his tuning fork as he travels. Underneath is a grey-sleeved shirt with his wing pattern in the center, surrounded with bright yellow. From his waist to his knees hugs heavy dark-grey cargo shorts. Extending from the shorts are pant sleeves of a lighter fabric, in the shape and color of his wings. His feet are concealed in dark grey and olive green sneakers with cleats underneath (making it easier for him to cross rough terrains).

On his head are a pair of dark-grey and green headphones with two 30cm light yellow antennae protruding upwards from the ends. Attached to the headphones is an average white MP3 player, containing loud and intense songs. Along the beam that connects the two ends are green-tinted shades that Kiet puts on during sandstorms and the like.

Hidden underneath his clothing and strapped against his body are his diamond-shaped wings. He conceals them not out of shame, but rather because he has no intention of using them.

(Sorry, quick sketch, no time to shade.)

Mentality: “Live life to its fullest- You’ll die alone soon anyway.”

Kiet presents himself as a kind, though lazy, young man. He may not be the most social person in the world, as he usually never bothers to strike up a serious conversation with others, but he isn’t timid either. Kiet is honest in what he says, which is often why he makes bold remarks, and isn’t afraid to speak out his mind.

Unfortunately, this has led to complaints from others.

Although he seems friendly, Kiet is very pessimistic. He can take virtually any subject, and expose its negatives, weaknesses, and faults. This often leads to hurt feelings- thus why Kiet has difficulty in maintaining relationships (and jobs). However, his intention is not to cause harm others- though by the same token, he doesn’t care if they’re hurt either.

So why does he continue to make such comments if he’s aware of its consequences, both to others and himself? Simply put, he hates liars. Even if they sugar coat a statement as to be sensitive to another’s feelings, Kiet looks down upon those who aren’t willing to tell what they’re thinking. Although noble in reason, this has led him to believe that the majority of kind remarks are lies.

It should be important to note that Kiet is not (entirely) stupid; he generally understands that at times he has to stay silent- which he reasons, isn't technically lying.

Job:Unemployed, but willing to do small tasks/ jobs for some money.

Item/Weapon: A meter long tuning fork; when tapped against a hard surface/ object, the fork will emit vibrations of high tones that may temporarily stun smaller Pokemon, or enrage larger Pokemon. In battle, Kiet uses the fork as a channel for his Sonic Boom attack.

-Sonic Boom
-Faint Attack
-Sand Tomb


Additional Ability:
Sensitivity to the vibrations around him.

>Can feel vibrations up to a 5 meter radius
>When in the air, sensitivity is reduced
>Can focus on a specific subject to increase the vibration’s intensity/ increase his range. However, other vibrations will be excluded from his attention.
>The antennae on his head phones allow him to feel the vibrations (sound waves) in the air; when removed, sensitivity decreases

Malus on Special Defense
Bonus on Speed

NPC: N/A for the moment.

Story: Kiet had an ordinary childhood, growing beside his numerous brother and sister Trappinches/ Vibravas/ Flygons; nothing dramatic nor traumatic in his life had occurred. Like the rest of the Vibravas, he would frequently get hurt jumping of high trees and ledges, trying to stay in the air for as long as they could before falling down to the ground not even a minute later. It wasn’t long for them to realize that flying was not one of their strong fields; however there were some, including Kiet, who were still fascinated by flight.

Eventually, Kiet had reached the age where he had to leave the nest. Unlike most of his siblings who settled in a rough terrain, Kiet traveled through various areas to try to find his sense of belonging. Yet, no matter where he was, Kiet could not stay in one place for more than a few months, as he began to notice the similar pattern between the people that resided there: everybody he had met were liars. Kiet wasn’t unfamiliar to lying, as he, his family, and others he’s known has been guilty of being dishonest. However, witnessing this trend on a wide scale made him disgusted with people, and had contributed heavily to his pessimistic mindset.

After years of traveling, he ultimately gave up trying to find a comfortable place to live, as he had come to the conclusion that no such nirvana existed. He began to be more wasteful with his money, pleasuring himself whenever he could. He tried to sustain a job or a relationship here and there, but they all eventually failed. Kiet grew bored quickly and could not find something that could sustain his interest. Later, it was made public that a new area had been discovered- the land of Airia. Kiet became interested in the new land, wondering if his boredom would be- temporarily- quenched there. Before long, he was on the next ship to Aria.

How did you know us? Wanted to get back into RPing again, yet try something new; I heard that gijinka RPs are generally fun to get into, so I searched on Google, eventually leading me here.


HP: 18
Attack: 24
Defense: 18
Sp. Attack: 18
Sp. Defense: 20
Speed: 22

PokeDollars: 300
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Kiet's Records
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