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 Gear Karu's Diary

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Gear Karu

Gear Karu

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Character sheet
Specie: Klang
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PostSubject: Gear Karu's Diary   Wed Feb 29, 2012 12:42 pm

Name: Gear Karu
Specie: Klang
Gender: Male
Age: 20 years old

Appearance: Gear is a man a bit short for his age. He wears a long hood, which has pockets and a hood. Its zipper starts from the top instead of the bottom. He also wears a normal Shirt and almost normal pants. All of his clothes has patterns that reminds of gears, mostly on extremities, and they are all of the grey color. There are a few teal orbs: two on the bottom of each side of his coat, one on each shoulder, and two on top of his hood. As for his head, he has dark grey hair and teal eyes, which are rarely seen due to his hood usually always been on.

Mentality: Gear is a talkative man. He has a lot of self-esteem and doesn't hesitate to criticize others. However, he has a lot of flaws himself. He is quite lazy, and will almost never run. In fact, he prefers to battle without ever moving, relying entirely on his gears. He also isn't that smart himself, even thought he may seem like it: most of his inventions actually serve no purpose. He is also very selfish, working only when he sees interest. That makes it someone not very friendly, and often appears not to have good intentions. Which is sometimes true.

Job: (Mad) Mechanist
Item/Weapon: A set of 4 gears, with two of them being twice smaller than the two others
PokeDollars: 300 PokeDollars

-Minus: His gears naturally generate Negative electricity. Power is generated when nearby Positive Energy.
-Gear Control: Can control his Gears from afar, like telekinesis. He may only take control of 2 of his gears at a single time, but can let the unused ones levitate.

-Gear Grind: Gear throws two of his gears at the opponent. (Requires: Any 2)
-Charge: Gear makes his gears rotate, generating electric energy. (Requires: Any 3)
-ThunderShock: Gears makes two of his gear rotate to sends a lightning bolt. (Requires: Any 2)
-ViceGrip: Gear hits the target on both sides with his gears (Requires: 2 Big)

Level-up moves remaining:
3 points: Bind
3 points: Charge Beam
4 points: Autotomize
4 points: Mirror Shot
5 points: Screech
5 points: Discharge
5 points: Metal Sound
6 points: Shift Gear
6 points: Lock-On
7 points: Zap Cannon
7 points: Hyper-Beam


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Gear Karu's Diary
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