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 For the sake of protecting. [Training]

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Roo Gi


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PostSubject: For the sake of protecting. [Training]   Mon Feb 27, 2012 5:02 pm

It has been a while since he last came to the port. Roo and his mother were finally done packing and organized in their new home in Airia. Since his father was taken away he made sure to keep his mother safe from harm and won't let anyone in his way. Roo sat at the edge of the dock where his legs dangled, his feet barely inches above the moving waters.

He watched the ships sail to and fro from the docks, unloading, supplying, shouting sailors, and loud horns blowing at arrival and departure. He liked the ocean, the air salted with evaporated sea water, the endless waters never taking a rest, it was magical. The sun blared brightly today, and it was getting hot. To entertain himself, Roo used bubble to create the fragile spheres of delight reflect from the sun and display an array of beautiful colors. He giggled and they soon popped into little droplets of water. Under his feet the water started plopping and swishing. Curious, he looked down and up popped an Horsea. They looked in each others eyes for a while. Then, the Horsea used bubble. Instead of directly aiming it at Roo, it was launched toward the sky and gentle bubbles floated down. Roo smiled and used bubble as well. The two continued the blow out bubbles when all of a sudden a larger pool of water started vibrating violently. It caused the Horsea to flee, and out emerged an angry Crawdaunt. It looked pretty irritated and frightened Roo, but he stood his ground. It clamped its claws rapidly and began edging towards Roo.

Slowly backing away, he tried to think of something, but it was too late. The Crawdaunt launched for Roo, but because Roo was faster, he dodged the snapping claws. Continuing to dodge, Roo used bubble. It popped in front of the Crawdaunt, but it was ineffective. Trying to think of something else, he spotted a Hoppip using sleep powder on an enemy it was facing near the bushes. Quickly, Roo brought out his sketchbook and handy dandy crayon, and began drawing sleep powder. As soon as he finished he folded the piece of paper in half and threw it in the air and yelled,

"Sleeping Powder, borrowed from a Hoppip." The paper disappeared then suddenly, drifts of blue powder swirled around the Crawdaunt which made him slower and slower until he fell asleep. Feeling victorious Roo jumped in the air. He felt a bit stronger and faster & his breath was heavy from all the running. Roo stood up straight and grinned.

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For the sake of protecting. [Training]
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