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 [Accepted] Ryan Blaster

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PostSubject: [Accepted] Ryan Blaster   Sat Feb 25, 2012 12:36 pm

Name:Ryan Blaster
Age: 24

Appearance: He has dark blue hair and crimson red eyes, he always wears his blue long coat which has brown lines on it, and his bandages, he almost never wears his other outfits, he wears dark cargo pants, and a brown belt, and dark army boots. he has a scar across his left eye, and wears fingerless gloves.He always carries his two bazookas, just in case of a attack.

Mentality:Ryan isn't a hard worker, he likes doing things at his own pace, and if his fiance wouldn't force him to do it, then it would never get done. He always tries to defend his allies, and cares greatly for them.If anyone tries to hurt his allies, He would never forgive them. He is also quite Stubborn, and sometimes won't let anyone change his mind, but most of the time he is relaxed and likes to do things at a slow pace.

Job: Colonel/Teacher of Airia's military branch


-Water gun
Ability:Torrent- If the owner is heavily damaged, then all water type moves are powered up.
Additional Ability:Heavy step- Can make himself heavier to not be blown away by impact.

Bonus m.att
Malus speed
NPC: Mayor Celine (his fiance)

Airia needs a military section, there are a lot of wild pokemons there, some more dangerous then others. And you never know, there might be crazy people that are trying to take control of the island. That's why we are appointing you, Colonel Blaster, as Head of the military department on airia, Congratulations.
-And that's how it all happened, i am the head of a military department on airia.
-Ryan, how many times have you said that already.
-well, i didn't ask to be the head, i just wanted to go here, they decided that my "enthusiasm" was appreciated, and that's why i'm head now.
-Be happy, at least you have your own team now.
-Sigh, fine, i'm just glad i talked them into letting you join.
-Yeah, you would be hopeless without me.

Blaster is head of the military school in Airia, and also the leader of his personal team.
He is there in case of wild pokemon attacks, or if some people decide to attack airia.
He teaches in this military school, and he defends airia from any mayor threats, together with his fiance Celine, and his team that consist of five men, including him and his fiance.

The other three men are, Shard,Kenta and Brock, these are the people protecting airia, and they won't let anyone touch it.

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Suida Quaria
Suida Quaria

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PostSubject: Re: [Accepted] Ryan Blaster   Sat Feb 25, 2012 1:05 pm

Accepted. Create your Diary, and you're good to go.


HP: 18
Attack: 19
Defense: 23
Sp. Attack: 23
Sp. Defense: 24
Speed: 13

PokeDollars: 300

A new section will be created for your job, in the Company section. Details about your work will be written there.

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[Accepted] Ryan Blaster
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