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 Volt's journal of electric manliness

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PostSubject: Volt's journal of electric manliness   Wed Feb 22, 2012 2:03 pm

Name: Volt
Specie: Raichu
Gender: Male
Age: 20 years old

Appearance: Volt is thin yet has very well toned muscles. His body is somewhat athletic. His skin is tanned and brownish. He has long yellowish blond spiky hair dressed on his skull because of the electricity current running through his body. His most significant features are his rat-like raichu ears and his very long and thin brown rat-like tail ending in a golden lightning bolt. He wears nothing but a sleeveless leather biker jacket (which he never close so to let people see his abs), brown gloves and boots and an old blue jeans. He has tatoos shaped after lightning bolt covering his whole back. He has blue eyes and a ever-lasting five o'clock beard. There are a round golden-coloured dot on each of his cheeks which are in facts electric power sacks that can store up to100,000 volts of electricity. Little electric arcs can be seen running on his skin, which make him glow in the dark.

Mentality: Volt is a very aggressive, hot blooded young man. He likes high speed, fighting and he's ''addicted'' to electricity. He never can get enough. Having too much running trough is body can be painfully, hence the reason for his aggressiveness and violent temper. He also is a notorious womanizer and will never miss an opportunity to flirt. He is vulgar in speech and in acts and selfish. While being a delinquent, he is also a very brave and courageous person. He is nor good nor evil, yet rejects any kind of laws. He hates people referring of him as being ''cute'' or mistaking him for a pikachu. .Despite his hate of people mistaking him for a pikachu, he can't help but think of them ( pikachus and pichus) as his closest relatives; as he never knew his family, he sees pikachus and pichus as his brothers/sisters. Therefore, he is either very tender or, more likely, aggressive with them, as a brother would be. His lust for electrical power is great that he became mad when his electricity level is low.

Job: Barman

Item/Weapon: Knuckledusters

- Thudershock
-Quick Attack
-Tail whip

Ability: Static

Additional ability: Just like a living battery, Volt is able to store great amount of electricity is his cheek pouches and then release it to nearby persons and objects.

HP: 15
Attack: 27
Defense: 10
Sp. Attack: 23
Sp. Defense: 20
Speed: 25

PokeDollars: 300

Likes: Fighting, Electricity, Alcohol, Manliness

Dislikes: Being ''cute'', people mistaking him for a pikachu
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Volt's journal of electric manliness
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