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 [Accepted] Kai Volten

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Kai Volten

Kai Volten

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Character sheet
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PostSubject: [Accepted] Kai Volten   Tue Feb 21, 2012 12:56 pm

Name: Kai Volten
Specie: Pikachu
Gender: Male
Age: 16

Appearance: Kai is a young boy with a rather thin build. He has blond hair with large bangs that frame his face, golden-yellow eyes and two pikachu ears jutting from his head. He wears a yellow shirt with a large, high circular collar and no sleeves, and two dark yellow “arm warmers” on his upper-body. On his lower body he wears brown pants with two yellow belt-like ropes hanging from either side and yellow shoes. He also has a pikachu tail.

Mentality: If one where to look up the word brat in the dictionary, they would probably find Kai's face staring back at them. Pampered, lazy, selfish, greedy and materialistic, Kai is everything you would expect from a rich boy like him. Immature and spoiled rotten, Kai is a boy used to getting his own way and will get very upset when he is denied what he wants. He loves material excess and having everything he wants yet despite his spoiled nature is actually a very intelligent boy.

Cunning and smart, Kai is what some would call a genius, and he is quick to let others know this. Arrogant and extremely cocky, Kai is known to always wear a trademark smug grin and have a snarky comment for all those he meets. Insufferable, Kai has little regard for the feelings of others and seemingly no empathy. He sees the corrupt actions of his family's company as all necessary for progress and turns a blind eye to the suffering and environmental degradation his family's company causes. However, despite all these failings, deep down Kai feels his family's company is doing good work, and is very loyal to his father. While the company has been known to do corrupt things, Kai believes that the work they do locating and obtaining energy sources and bringing electric power to the world, and he feels that all the corrupt things his father and he have done have been for the better of the planet.

Job: Rich Heir/Boss/head of the Airia branch of the Volten Electric Power Company.

Item/Weapon: Electro-Whip (electronic whip that can deliever shocks people it hits.)


-Thunder Shock
-Thunder Wave
-Quick Attack
-Electro Ball

Ability: Static

Additional Ability: Living Battery- Kai can store and take on electrical energy like a battery and use it to greatly increase his power in battle by releasing that energy into his attacks.


Malus to Defense
Bonus to Speed


Story: Some people are born lucky. Some are born with amazing powers, or a great mind. However, the luckiest of all in the minds of the public are those who are born wealthy, like Kai Volten. Kai Volten is the only child of the famous Zeta Volten, the CEO of the Volten Electric Power Company, the company that finds and controls energy sources and provides the world with electric power with the Volten Power Grid. From a young age, Kai was thrust into a world of luxury and excesses. From his birth he had everything he could ever dream of and more. What he wanted, he got, and if he didn't get it his father would make sure he got it at some point, even if he had to go to great lengths to get it. His father, however, hid from his son the corrupt practices and environmental degradation his company caused to the world and brought him up knowing only the good his company did.

Due his father's tendency to give into his every desire, Kai grew up into quite a spoiled brat. However, despite his spoiled nature, his father demanded much from him in the way of his education and the control of his powers. Zeta was a harsh taskmaster when it came to these things and demanded academic excellence and mastery of electric powers from his son and he was ultimately pleased with his son's results. However, while he was able to keep good marks it was due to sheer talent alone, Kai was chronically lazy when it came to his school work and managed to squeak out good grades by test scores alone; he hardly ever did his homework because he felt he did not need to and it was a waste of time. However, when it came to mastering his magic powers, he was hardly lazy. He trained hard to control his special attack powers and also trained his agility so he could be fast enough to compensate for his lack of physical bulk. Life was good for Kai, or so it seemed, until his beloved father was diagnosed with a terrible illness that would slowly but surely cripple him until it would, ultimately, lead to his death.

While experimental medical treatments that no ordinary person could afford had managed to buy his father significant time he was becoming slowly but surely more crippled and his death would someday come, sooner then both of them hoped. As a result of his deteriorating condition, Zeta started to train Kai for taking over his position as CEO and now, as a test of what he has taught his son, he has set up a branch of the Volten Electric Power Company in the promising new land of Airia and placed Kai as it's head. However, the move was not without controversy, as some worried the power company's presence in Airia would pollute the pristine environment, but overall they where welcomed with open arms due to the fact they where the ones providing Airia, as well as most of the world, with electricity. With his father's condition deteriorating, Kai now seeks to prove to his father that he can lead the company and learn on the job the things he could never learn otherwise.

How did you know us? RPG-D

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Suida Quaria
Suida Quaria

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PostSubject: Re: [Accepted] Kai Volten   Tue Feb 21, 2012 1:36 pm

Welcome to Gijinka World! Your character sheet is good, you're accepted~. You can start RolePlaying after creating your Diary.


HP: 14
Attack: 22
Defense: 8
Sp. Attack: 20
Sp. Defense: 16
Speed: 40

PokeDollars: 300

A new section in the Company Quarter will be created. Details about your salary will be written there.
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[Accepted] Kai Volten
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