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 [Accepted] Zero Fahrenheit

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Zero Fahrenheit
Zero Fahrenheit

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Character sheet
Specie: Glalie
Level: 6

PostSubject: [Accepted] Zero Fahrenheit   Mon Feb 20, 2012 1:32 am

Name:Zero Fahrenheit
Age: 20

Appearance:Zero wears a long white coat, and a white mask that has no mouth on it, as if to say that he has taken an oath of silence. He wears black pants and dark blue boots, and has natural white hair, and little black horns on his head

Mentality: Zero is a quiet person, and almost never talks, he never put's of his mask, and he is a very smart person. he will try his best at his missions, and he almost never fails, he is a cold person, and he has no emotional values towards anything, and is very loyal towards his allies.



-Powder snow.
-Double team
-Icy wind

Ability:Inner Focus.

Additional Ability:Can freeze moisture around him into any shape he desires.

Malus to HP
Bonus to sp.att

Story: Zero heared the news about a island where there were sightings of legendary pokemon, he didn't care about the legends, or the other pokemon, he only knew that there was a place he didn't know about and had to go to this place.

He clinged to the backside of a boat, and climbed into the rear deck, as he wasn't planning on spending money on the trip.
When he got there, he found it excruciating warm, so he looked for a cold place to stay, and has made his house in the cave in the giant fissure, as no one would find him there, except for those who really needed him.

How did you know us? I found out by following the cold path towards death.

Last edited by Suida Quaria on Mon Feb 20, 2012 4:17 pm; edited 1 time in total (Reason for editing : Accepted!)
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Suida Quaria
Suida Quaria

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PostSubject: Re: [Accepted] Zero Fahrenheit   Mon Feb 20, 2012 1:56 am

Well, here's a character I prefer much more than your... Super-Vilain... Accepted. As you know, create your Diary, and you're good to go. Just one thing... Try not to make your Additional ability too strong. Not yet, at least. I don't want to see you freezing everything easily D:


HP: 16
Attack: 20
Defense: 20
Sp. Attack: 24
Sp. Defense: 20
Speed: 20

PokeDollars: 300
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[Accepted] Zero Fahrenheit
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