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 Fated meeting, god i hope not.(Solo)

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PostSubject: Fated meeting, god i hope not.(Solo)   Sat Feb 18, 2012 8:16 pm

As leon was on the port looking at the sea, he saw a boat coming, probably full with people who want to explore Airia.

As he looked at the people who were arriving, he noticed a few strong men who might be worth his time, but he wasn't out to look for fights.

Today he was looking at his great love.
"Hello there hot stuff"
Yep his one great love...wait what!
As he turned around he saw a beautiful milotic, and she was looking right at him.
"Uhm, miss, are you talking to me?
The milotic looked confused for a second and then giggled.
"Of course i'm talking to you, you don't have to be shy, you're the only one hot enough here i should be talking to."

When she said this Leon got confused, was this woman hitting on him? he was fairly old, and this woman looked like she was still in her late twenty's.

"Ma'm you should probably continue walking, since i am a lot older then you."
When she said this the woman laughed, and it was kinda cute how she laughed.

"please, you look like you're still in your midd thirty's and i like older men."

When he heard her say this he knew this woman was serious, so he had to brush her down, as he had no real interest in her.

"I'm sorry, you're a beautiful woman, but i... He was interupted when he said this though, and the woman was quick too.
"Well thank you, you are quite handsome yourself." Leon had no choice, so he sighed and started walking away, the woman however, followed him, and even he said he didn't want to be in a relationship at the moment, the woman still followed him.

He was now at his restaurant, and this woman was right behind him.
"So this is your place huh, how daring, we just met."
Leon wasn't planning on argueing anymore, so he headed to his room and fell on his bed, he fell asleep easily.

When he woke up though, he woke up next to the same milotic from the day before.
"In your bed after the first day, you're good."
Leon was so against this, and kicked her out. but it seems like she wasn't going to give up.
Sigh, what kind of trouble have i worked myself into now." He said, as he prepared himself for whatever is going to happen now.
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Fated meeting, god i hope not.(Solo)
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