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 Gilbert Sherwood

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Gilbert Sherwood


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Character sheet
Specie: Shroomish
Level: 1

PostSubject: Gilbert Sherwood   Thu Feb 16, 2012 10:26 pm

Name: Gilbert Sherwood
Species: Shroomish
Gender: Male
Age: 22

Appearance: Gilbert wears an orange bandana around his neck that can serve to block out chemicals when he is mixing potions. He wears a black long-sleeve shirt with olive colored spots along its side under his tan vest. He wears a pair of green cargo pants with a satchel around his waist. He has a pair of tan and brown boots for when he walks in the mud to collect herbs for his potions. He has tan messy hair covers his eyes which are a light brown almost reddish color.

Mentality: Gilbert is very smart and could tell you almost anything about the medical field even down to the smallest details like how much blood does a baby rattata have. But alas he is kind of awkward and prefers to stay by himself working in the dark on his potions and dusts.

Job: Apothecary

Item/Weapon: Big Root


  • Absorb: Gilbert releases a red beam from his mouth at the opponent. When hit, the opponent's body glows red and it absorbs its energy.
  • Stun Spore: Gilbert releases a stream or cloud of orange powder from his mouth at the opponent.
  • Leech Seed: Gilbert shoots multiple seeds from his mouth towards the opponent. When the opponent is hit, the seeds sprout vines which wrap around the opponent. The vines glow red and suck energy from the opponent.
  • Mega Drain: Gilbert releases a green beam from his mouth at the opponent. When hit, the opponent's body glows red and it absorbs its energy. The energy then comes back causing him to glow white healing him.

Ability: Effect Spore: Has a 30% chance of Slp, Prz, or Psn when physical contact is made against this gijinka.

Additional Ability: Alchemy: Potions mixed by this character have a chance to have side effects. Ex. short term memory loss.

HP: 25
Attack: 12
Defense: 24
Sp. Attack: 20
Sp. Defense: 25
Speed: 14

Money: $300

Gilbert arrives at his lab to find it burned down and police are at the scene
-Why did this have to happen now of all times. I am so close to completing this potion and you are telling me my lab was burned down by vandals?
-That is right sir we are doing our very best but all of your recipes were destroyed in the fire including that one.

Glibert breaks down and cries.
-Nooo not that one anyone but that one. It was so close to being completed I could see the wonders that would come from it.
-We are very sorry about your loss. What about going to Airia? I heard that it has lots of interesting things and they say legends live there. With the insurance money you could build a nice new lab in Airia.
-Sounds good but it saddens me that I must start my work over for my resurrection potion. The recipe was missing something but I couldn’t tell what maybe I can find it in Airia.

Gilbert walked up to the docks trying to find a captain to take him to Airia.
-I can take you but you will have to be part of my crew for now.
-That is fine I just need to get there quickly.

And with that Gilbert was off to the lands of Airia.
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Gilbert Sherwood
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