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 Leon's Journal

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PostSubject: Leon's Journal   Thu Feb 16, 2012 8:01 pm

Name:Leon Seawrath
Age: 42

Leon might be old, but his muscles look like he is still a young fisherman.
He has white knot as a hair style, and wears a long crown, with a tail on it.
He also wears a gyarados scale armor, that he gained by killing countless other gyarados.
His skin looks a little tanned, and is as hard as steel.

Mentality:He likes hard work, and that is the reason why he doesn't like getting help.
But when he has too, he will get help of other pokemon, but only of people younger then him, as he doesn't like being called young. He has always had a dislike for dark and poison type pokemon, so he might be aggresive agains them. He is always fit and meditates every day with his Wave incense

Job:Cook/owns a restaurant.

Item/Weapon:Wave incense

-Dragon rage

Additional Ability:Very hard skin
Bonus to m.att
Malus to m.def

-damn, i'm lost again
Leon was swimming in the sea, and had no idea where he was at all.
-hmm, is that an boat? well better then nothing.
He got on a boat, which they said was headin to Airia.

As Leon arrived he saw that there were a lot of other people here.
And he build his own restaurant, it wasn't the biggest, but it was well build.
"The Seawrath shack"
He finished his building after a week, and has finally made his restaurant, he already has some regular customers, but he has to catch the fish himself, and that's why he is looking for a supplyer.
-My restaurant may not be big, but it works like a swimming sharpedo.


water pokemon
Younger people

Dark and poison type pokemon
People who crack jokes way too much
Bad workers.
Lazy people.
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Leon's Journal
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