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 Character Sheet Format

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Suida Quaria
Suida Quaria

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Character sheet
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PostSubject: Character Sheet Format   Tue Jan 24, 2012 6:35 pm








[b]Additional Ability[/b]:


[b]NPC[/b]: (Optional)


[b]How did you know us?[/b] (Optional)

Name: Your Gijinka's name. He or She may not have a family name, depending on his or her story or specie.
Specie: Which Pokemon your Gijinka is based on. Refer to the "Pokemon limitations" thread to see what pokemon you can pick.
Gender: You cannot pick Female for a Pokemon that only has Male gender (and vice versa). You also cannot pick Female if a Female Gijinka has already been made for your pokemon if it has 12.5% of being Female (and same for Male). You may pick any Gender for Genderless pokemons.

Appearance: Describe how your Gijinka looks. We need to be able to portrait your character without a picture.

Personality: Describe your Gijinka's personnality.

Job: What your Gijinka does in the city. Any job can be part-time Explorer. You can also choose to just cause Trouble if you're evil. A section will be created for your job if none of the existing places suits your job.

Item/Weapon: You can choose to either start with an item or a weapon.

­Moves: You may choose up to 4 moves that your pokemon learns up to level 19. You cannot learn Start moves with more than 60 power. If your Pokemon is a pokemon that stops learning moves after evolving (such as Ninetales), you pick Moves from its previous evolution, with the same levels.

Ability: You choose one of your abilities that are normally obtainable.

Additional ability: You can create an ability that isn't in the game, but is pertinent to your pokemon. An example is Lucario's ability to see Auras. It is possible you can't have am additionnal ability, and that will often happen for simple pokemons such as Raticate.

Stats: Decide which stat gets a malus, and which stat gets a bonus, out of the 6 Stats of the pokemon games. The malus and bonus are both of 4 points.

NPC: (Optional) If you have an important NPC (such as family) or Job-related NPC, describe them here.

Story: Describe the past of your Gijinka. Remember that you have been recently moved to Airia, so chances are your Story is happening before you moved (willingly or not).

How did you know us? (Optional) You can tell us how you learned of Gijinka World. The Admin likes to know what or who has been successful!

After you have your pokemon confirmed, we will give you missing informations such as Stats. You'll be ready to begin once you have created your Diary.
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Character Sheet Format
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